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Supercharge your strategic account program. While many large tech companies have a strategic account strategy, most SAM or KAD programs are destined to fail due to structural and organizational issues. Learn how to improve your SAM or KAD program

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Why all the buzz about value selling? Doesn't every one sell this way? Don't customers demand value-driven conversations (based on however they define value) Yea…but most sales organizations are set up for volume and efficiency rather than value

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The only thing that matters in sales is intent! We bring intent to each and every interaction with others. And invariably our intent is subconsciously set…and that intent does not serve us. Conscious or otherwise, our intent drives our thoughts, actions, spoken word. And our intent is quite visible to others

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We've got sales enablement all wrong! The goal of sales enablement is not the efficient delivery of content assets to sales people; it's about changing seller behavior to drive deeper, more productive customer engagement

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