Opportunity Acceleration Workshop

The Opportunity Acceleration Workshop builds on the processes and knowledge initiated in the Opportunity Development Workshop, including the business value hypotheses, stakeholder maps, team alignment and more. Specifically, the goal of this workshop is to identify the activities and information needed to move an opportunity forward, to highlight the risk factors in the deal, and to surface any structural issues or other deal-breakers that suggest a pursuit should be terminated.

Opportunity Development Workshops are conducted in a group environment, where sales people (or sales teams) will learn from one another and build their self-analysis capabilities for the future. Sales management participation is critical, as new first-line sales management coaching skills are introduced.

Opportunity Review Workshop

Opportunity Review Workshops, similar in approach to the Opportunity Acceleration Workshop, focus on later-stage deal management and the confirmation of information, metrics, internal support, and more, all required for a successful pursuit.

Late Stage Deal Review

Late Stage Deal Reviews offer a final opportunity checkpoint, "de-risking opportunities", primarily focusing on the close process, the deal specifics (pricing, discounts, accommodations, etc.), internal and customer documentation and sign offs. These deal reviews help the rep to identify any outstanding issues that must be managed prior to final offer/close.

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