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Sales people bring a mix of skills, attitudes, curiosity and habits to their selling role.

In most cases, the core skills have been built and practiced. What now stands in the way of success is attitude (or mindset) and habits.

So…our coaching focuses on two key areas - mindset and habits. Improvements help to ensure effective engagement, rich interaction and co-creation between seller and customer.

We work with individual sales people on a confidential basis, with sales teams, and with sales leaders.

Something getting in your way?
If you feel like you are putting in a lot of effort but not getting the results you deserve, then maybe something is standing in your way.

Usually your intent is good and you want your customer to like you. But…your customer liking you is not sufficient…you need to take control of their buying process and guide them to success. And that takes a shift in context, a shift in mindset, a shift in every-day habits.

Sure, you may be able to do that on your own…but do you have the time, the expertise to do so? Sometimes you need guidance on how to move forward, and someone to hold you accountable…just like your customers do!

Need help with strategy or tactics?
With some coaching clients, we spend most of our time focusing on patch management, influence map development, business value hypothesis creation and initial contact planning — all the ingredients that drive better top of funnel performance.

Then we'll review important opportunities and come up with an action plan to drive success.

Career advice?
Of course!

If you need an accountability partner, you have one!

Recent testimonials:

My weekly sessions with Lee have been instrumental in helping me to prepare for the day and week ahead. Just like any top elite has their coaches to help them bring out the best in them, Lee does that for me. While my approach, focus and mindset have always been present, Lee's coaching helps me operate at a higher level.

- Frank, Enterprise Sales, Professional Services Vendor

Lee’s approach to coaching has helped me become a better seller from the inside-out. He’s helped me get to the root of my behaviors and provided guidance on improvement. This experience has been a game-changer!

- Rod, Enterprise Sales, Systems and Software Vendor

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