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Pavilion Palooza
Lee shared his Secret Formula for Creating High Quality Opportunities at the recent 2024 Pavilion Palooza, on June 25th at noon. Link to session and recorded video.

Here's the abstract:

"Most sales people struggle to create new opportunities. Faced with a patch of 20 or 100 or more accounts, they pick at the edges – making a few cold calls, sending connection requests on LinkedIn, blasting bulk emails. Then they give up, waiting instead for more inbound leads.

To create high quality opportunities, sales people must employ a different approach, one that creates interest, alignment and engagement. This approach is built on the following foundation:
  • Buyer “value alignment”
  • Tailored messaging for the individual, the objectives and the business
  • Proven techniques to get attention and build access
In this 20 minute lightning talk, Lee will outline an approach that drives results – high quality opportunities that convert into successful engagement, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Attendees will gain an understanding of how individual sales people can effectively build pipeline and how their organization can support this initiative on a repetitive, scalable, and efficient basis.

A Conversation on Thought Leadership
Wefacilitated a conversation on thought leadership for the Boston Facilitators & OD Roundtable in early May. You can find more details on the organization and events here.

Sales & Marketing Alignment
Lee delivered a an afternoon masterclass entitled "Marketing as a Primary Driver of Revenue", focusing on the alignment of marketing and sales to drive significant additional revenue at DigiMarConPacificNorthWest in Seattle on April 29th and 30th. If you can't make it in person, you can attend the conference virtually!

You can find a PDF of the presentation here.

Mastering Modern Account Planning, LinkedIn Live, 2024
in partnership with our friends at ARPEDIO, we recently delivered a deep dive on account planning entitled "Mastering Modern Account Planning.

You can find a recording of the LinkedIn Live event here.

Sales Coaching Live!
Rita Thomas, the Funnel Godmother, invited me to coach her LIVE! through an internal voice challenge she had — her "itty bitty committee" or internal saboteur — that was keeping her from selling effectively. I think you'll find the approach and her change in mindset fascinating.

You can find a recording of the LinkedIn Live event here.

Sales Enablement Pro Conference, Boston 2023
Lee recently facilitated a panel discussion at the 2023 Sales Enablement Pro conference in Boston. Panelists included Meagan Davis, Crystal North, Debbie Hartman and Liz Pulice, all experienced and savvy sales enablement professionals, not to mention old friends! We had a blast talking about the high and low lights of sales metrics and sales performance.

Watch the video here or find the full conference agenda here.

Data Summit, Boston, 2019
Lee delivered the opening keynote address at the 2019 Boston Data Summit, discussing the need to create a "data dial tone" and to move from the concept of information to information management as competitive advantage.

You can find a PDF of the presentation here.

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