Need more pipeline? Concerned about hitting your quarterly numbers? Is "Value Selling" a thing you need to implement?

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Leveraging our experience in sales management, account planning and pipeline development, we work with global enterprise and emerging tech companies to improve customer engagement, account penetration, deal size and velocity, pipeline coverage, and cloud renewal rates.

Framework Development, Facilitation and Process Improvement
We implement and manage value selling initiatives, improving customer engagement, pipeline shape and velocity, account penetration, revenues and profitability.

We've developed and delivered sales enablement on key global data sovereignty and security initiatives, driving initial pipeline value of more than $500M. We've rolled out significant new cloud and services offerings. We've facilitated hundreds of account planning sessions, focusing on both strategic and named accounts.

We've managed key account teams calling on Fortune 50 accounts, driving growth in relationships with $100M footprints. We've worked with thousands of sales reps to help them build pipeline and to effectively develop, manage and close significant opportunities. We've trained and coached hundreds of inside sales reps to effectively design and deliver their "intro" pitch.

Individual Sales Coaching
We coach individual sales people, sales managers and small business principals, helping them to let go of what's in their way…to be authentic, effective and engaging. To have more fun. To make more money.

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