Meeting Facilitation

Lee has been facilitating strategic business planning sessions for over two decades and is certified as a Google Master Facilitator. To quote Danny from the Ted Lasso series - Facilitating is Life!

For an important upcoming account planning session or business meeting, with multiple stakeholders and complicated inter-relationships…perhaps with customers and business partners involved…consider an independent facilitator to help ensure that you achieve your goals and come away with mutual alignment, agreement and a formal action plan.

Too often, meetings start off with a participant trying to direct the conversation, without a specific agenda or set goals for the investment in time. Attendees have their own interests, sometimes discussed loudly, and too often, the session will conclude without agreement on next steps or a formal plan.

If you want to get the most out of your strategic business planning…or key account planning sessions…please contact us to discuss your goals and timelines and how we may be able to improve your results.

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