Buyer/Seller Journey Alignment

While sales professionals are under the mandate to close deals consistently each quarter, buyers are not necessarily aligned to this same cycle.

Sellers are challenged with aligning the buying cycles and preferences of their prospects to provide enough care is given to slower-acting buyers who need more information or more time to negotiate terms, while bringing through those buyers ready to take action.

We work with clients to identify and illustrate, by analyzing deal length and opportunity-to-close CRM activity, the areas where the sales organization is misaligned with its customers in terms of communications, processes and engagement. This work can help a sales organization reshape the way it engages with customers, such as directing more energy into product marketing to enable buyers to research on their own, or simplifying contracting and quoting processes to accelerate time to close for customers who are ready to sign.

Please contact us to discuss your current state of buyer/seller alignment and how we may be able to improve your capabilities and results.

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