Opportunity Development

Our opportunity development services, comprising the foundation of the Acelera Group Revenue Lifecycle Framework™, assist clients in building and managing robust, predictable pipelines.

We help clients to build quality pipeline quickly and to manage opportunities more efficiently. Uplift is typically 20-30% and deal sizes grow by 30-40%

Our approach is compatible with your existing sales methodology, including SPIN, MEDDIC, MEDDPIC, Challenger, Jolt, Solution, Miller Heiman, GAP and others. We improve the functional application of your sales methodology by focusing on key leverage points such as value messaging, stake holder mapping, business value hypotheses, decision metrics and more.

Opportunity Development Workshop

The Opportunity Development Workshop assists enterprise and emerging technology companies in building quality pipeline quickly and efficiently, ensuring effective account penetration and improved pipeline coverage. Acelera Group team members facilitate the process, coaching sales reps and sales teams through our proven process of contact, account and opportunity research, hypothesis development, approach planning and follow up.

Focusing on strategic business challenges and opportunities, the teams identify unknown issues and build/execute engagement plans with key stakeholders.

As the leading service in the series focusing on pipeline development, the Pipeline Development Workshop is designed to accomplish the following key objectives:
  • Identify specific business opportunities, financial justification and key stakeholders in selected target accounts
  • Create team alignment on strategy, messaging and goals
  • Build detailed 60-day action plans that drive activity and focus the team on critical actions to take, key unknowns to confirm, and risks to mitigate
  • Provide sales management with a coaching framework to drive ongoing process improvement
  • Establish a repeatable process for building and managing robust pipelines, sustainable on an ongoing basis by sales teams and their immediate management
In addition to creating new pipeline early in the year, the Opportunity Development Workshop can be used to improve pipeline coverage or to launch strategic initiatives, such as new product introductions, target account penetration, or competitive displacement.

Related services include Opportunity Acceleration and Review Workshops, Late Stage Deal Review Workshops and Win/Loss Analysis.

Please contact us to discuss your current state of pipeline coverage, development and management and how we may be able to improve your results.

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