Performance Management

Successful sales organizations look at growth through a number of lenses, such as increased account penetration, greater share of wallet, larger deal sizes, higher rates of renewals/recurring business, and improving customer engagement and satisfaction. Employee satisfaction and staff turnover provide additional visibility into the health of the sales organization and processes.

The Acelera Group works with sales management to identify/understand the levers they can control to help sellers achieve greater results across this wide array of metrics, providing strategies for training and coaching sellers to high performance, proven metrics and measurement approaches for monitoring and tracking the "best" seller behaviors, and using incentives to reward and encourage successful performance so as to sustain it in the future.

We advise on the human capital dimensions of growing and maintaining a successful sales organization, including recruiting and growing sellers along a path of increasing roles and expectations, and managing out sellers who do not meet expectations or achieve consistent performance.

We also work with clients to build a "coaching environment" in which first-line sales management can leverage their knowledge and expertise to improve their teams' performance.

Please contact us to discuss your current state of sales performance management and how we may be able to improve your capabilities and results.

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