Account Planning & Management

We work with enterprise and emerging tech companies to drive deeper engagement and more revenue from strategic and key accounts.

We engage with client program managers to define and improve large/key/strategic account programs and with sales management to implement and optimize them in the field. We leverage many years of experience in designing and managing these programs, and as core team members of Fortune 100 account teams.

Primary areas of focus include:

  • Account team definition (core and extended) — roles and responsibilities
  • Governance
  • Group cohesion and relationship building
  • Annual/quarterly planning
  • Leveraging installed base, predictive analytics and buying intent information
  • Stakeholder research and engagement planning
  • Account research, message development, engagement plan development and execution

Companies that formalize account planning processes are rewarded with larger deals, higher portfolio penetration, greater revenue synergies, higher deal margin, more stable and productive teams and higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Please contact us to discuss your current state of large account management and how we may be able to improve your results.

Listen to our recent podcast on the topic of strategic account management and account planning.

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