We bring many years of hands-on experience to our engagements. We've designed and facilitated hundreds of focused programs for new product launches, pipeline development, strategic account penetration, territory development, cloud renewals and more.

We help clients build pipeline, larger, higher quality opportunities, and deeper, more productive relationships with customers. Our high-touch, hands-on approach maximizes both impact and knowledge transfer.

Pipeline Development and Management
Need more pipeline?

Our pipeline development and management services help clients to quickly
build and manage high quality sales pipelines. We design and implement formal field-based processes that drive identification of new opportunities in strategic accounts, existing customers and new logos, build visibility and velocity through the pipeline, and provide effective late stage deal management and "derisking". In most engagements we help to coordinate existing Account-Based Marketing activities; in others we partner with a marketing agency to create and coordinate effective ABM campaigns.

Account Management
Want deeper, more productive relationships with your strategic and named accounts?

Large account management is a "team sport", with multiple reps covering a variety of portfolio products. Coordinating and managing the activities of this group is critical to the success of the relationship with the customer. Yet typically the account director has little or no prior team management experience. Our Account Management services help large, key and strategic account teams to focus on strategic business issues, relationship building, account penetration and customer satisfaction. Typical results include larger multi-product deals, higher deal profitability, higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sales Performance Management
Challenged to improve sales productivity?

High performance sales organizations look at growth through multiple lenses and manage performance via a variety of levers. The Acelera Group works with clients to identify the critical metrics and to optimize the processes that improve sales performance and productivity.

Buyer/Seller Journey Alignment
Considering an Account-Based Marketing strategy?

With enterprise buyers conducting significant background, product and supplier research online, sellers may engage mid-process with no visibility on the buyer's prior activities, level of knowledge or key outstanding issues. To be effective, sellers must quickly sync their selling processes with the buyer's evaluation and decision cycle. We help enterprise organizations to build alignment between these two cycles via greater
collaboration between marketing and sales and with processes that assist the seller in reframing evaluations to their benefit.

To learn more about our services, and to explore how we may be able to help you to improve your sales performance and productivity, please
contact us to arrange an initial discussion.