Leveraging our experience in sales management, sales enablement, account planning and pipeline development, we work with enterprise and emerging tech companies to improve account penetration, deal size and velocity, pipeline coverage, and cloud renewal rates.

We improve the readiness of the account manager or sales person in the field (and the processes that support effective sales enablement and readiness) so that they can play the role of trusted advisor, provoking their customers and prospects to think differently about their business problems and opportunities.

We've transformed thousands of reps, moving them away from a competitive product/price focus, to a highly productive and profitable customer alignment focus. We've facilitated hundreds of account planning sessions, focusing on both strategic and named accounts. We've managed key account teams calling on Fortune 50 accounts, driving growth in relationships with $100M footprints. We've worked with thousands of sales reps to help them build pipeline and to effectively develop, manage and close significant opportunities.

We build bridges and collaboration between marketing and sales to improve the ROI of Account-Based Marketing.

We build winning sales teams.

Our portfolio of services encompass the following:

  • Sales Enablement Planning, Implementation and Process Improvement
  • Pipeline Development and Management
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Buyer/Seller Journey Alignment

Leveraging our work developing the original IDC Sales Productivity Framework, we create a systems approach to solving productivity challenges. Which sales productivity levers should be pushed? What investments should be made? When?

We work with your teams to jointly identify areas of opportunity for improvement, plan and optimize the selling, management, coaching and hiring practices that deliver great results, and conduct knowledge transfer so that the processes will be self-sustaining.

To explore how we may be able to help you improve your sales performance and productivity, please contact us to arrange an initial discussion.