The goal of sales enablement is to change seller behavior. And in doing so, we focus on three key area:

  • Seller mindset (intent)
  • Seller skillset and practices
  • Internal processes and frameworks that support seller excellence

The most effective enterprise sales reps are inquisitive and curious. They excel at top-of-funnel early discovery…aligning to their customers' strategic business initiatives and then gaining "time and access" with key stakeholders.

Sales training, certification and sales enablement systems fail to keep pace with changing market conditions and virtually never provide relevant, up-to-date insight on individual customer business strategies or requirements.

We believe that traditional sales enablement processes fail to improve sales effectiveness. Sadly, the endless certification, out-of-band training, product marketing "propaganda", "we're better than everyone" collateral actually stifles the creativity and enthusiasm of many reps. Sales training and content delivery vehicles provide a static, dated view, frequently product-focused. Reps don't trust the information and most of it goes un-used.

Successful sales enablement strategies foster continued rep curiosity, testing different approaches, quickly validating what works, and sharing that tribal knowledge with other team members.

We work with clients to analyze their SFA, customer, share of wallet and market data to identify needed areas of investment. Typically, the analysis points to weakness in business and market knowledge, driving lower alignment with strategic business issues and failed value prop development.

We base our approach to sales enablement on long-standing best practices in cognitive development and experiential learning. Feedback and process/skill improvement must happen inline with day to day field activity.

Organizations that follow this approach are rewarded with immediate improvements in pipeline metrics, opportunity development, revenue generation, deal profitability and quota attainment. Perhaps surprisingly, customer satisfaction typically increases as well!

Please contact us to discuss your current state of sales enablement and how we may be able to improve your results.